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Grasshopper PBX Phones

Ten years ago, if we were in a conversation about PBX Office Phone Systems, we would be using an entirely different vocabulary .  Familiar names like Panasonic, Cisco, Samsung and Siemens would have been the brands mentioned, but we would certainly not have expected to stumble across a company with a name like “Grasshopper”.  Today, […]

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Samsung Office Phone Systems

Samsung Small to Medium Business Office Phone Systems – Multiple Platform Unity In the first quarter of 2012, Samsung Electronics became the world’s largest mobile phone maker by unit sales, overtaking Nokia, which had been the market leader since 1998. To the average person, Samsung is better recognized for its popular Galaxy smart phone than […]

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Avaya IP Office Phones

Avaya IP Office Phone System Offers Panoply of Services, Products and Platforms to Fit Almost any Need. Want to see a small business act and operate like a large-size enterprise overnight? Just give them an Avaya Office Phone System and watch them dazzle the competition with their efficiency, customer satisfaction and professional veneer. Witness the […]

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VoIP Business Phones

The Internet Meets  Business Phone Service: Welcome to VoIP Business Phone Systems VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, a method of making calls via internet protocol (IP) networks. VoIP is also known as Internet telephony, IP telephony, or broadband telephony. VoIP converts the voice signal into a digital signal that can travel […]

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Panasonic PBX Phones

PANASONIC’S  SMALL TO MID-SIZED BUSINESS PBX AND VoIP PHONE SYSTEMS EXCEL IN THE MARKETPLACE When Panasonic entered the cloud-based communications market in 2011, it was already a leader in Business Phone Systems. Panasonic was not slow to expand its services to customers by meeting changing market needs by pairing its highly regarded business phones with […]

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Toshiba Office Phones

TOSHIBA IP OFFICE PHONE SYSTEMS – THE POWER OF CHOICE As a trade name, Toshiba needs no introduction to the American Business and Technology community. As a Telecommunications system leader, its products have certainly been around long enough in the business community to have earned a reputation for quality and innovation. However, when a company […]

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The PBX Phone Revolution

The PBX  Phone Revolution – What it is and where it is going While it has been about 137 years since Alexander Graham Bell summoned Watson and launched the telephone, PBX systems have only been around for about 50 years, since the early 1960s. The introduction of PBX to the world of business could be […]

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Cisco Business Phones

CISCO: The Internet of Everything, Including Unified Communications and Small Business Phone Systems In its short 30-year lifetime, Cisco (the name of the company is derived from the last five letters of San Francisco) has re-invented itself a few times. It started in 1984 when a couple of members of the Sanford University computer support […]

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