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    AT&T Business Phone Systems

    AT&T Business Phone SolutionsIt should come as no surprise that a long-time telephone game-player should have assumed some leadership in the PBX-VoIP Business Phone competition. Advanced American Telephones, which design and produce AT&T telephony products that millions of people use and enjoy every day, have a name-brand advantage when small to medium businesses are considering office phone systems which reflect the dramatic changes in technology driving the industry today. AT&T telephone products reflect a long and distinguished history of product excellence dating back over 100 years. Today the AT&T product line is one of the most extensive in the industry, including corded and cordless phones, answering systems and phone-related accessories. Their product leader is the Synapse family of Office System equipment.

    AT&T Business Phone SystemsAT&T advertising stresses that no matter what your trade—whether construction, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing or IT—you’ll find much satisfaction with the big-business features and small-business price of AT&T Synapse. Since the goal of enterprise is increased sales and a healthy bottom line, it is important to direct customers to the right person every time. The AT&T Synapse product array consists of equipment components that link voicemail to e-mail, provide professional automatic attendants, deliver advanced call handling and built-in voicemail, resulting in more time to manage your business and improving operations, and ultimately, profitability.

         The AT&T Synapse system supports up to 100 users, PBX functionality, remote office support, IP services and more. An overview of a typical AT&T Office System starts with the AT&T Synapse™ SB67010 Gateway. The gateway has 4 ports for standard CO lines or emulated CO lines from an IAD and the system can carry up to 4 of these gateways.  This nets you a total of 16 phone lines.

         The Gateway then connects directly to your network switch, hub or router (as all of the telephones are IP phones).  The gateway is also available on your network as a network device allowing you to easily install patches and upgrades as AT&T puts them out.

    AT&T Office Phone System ProvidersThe next all important device is the AT&T Synapse™ SB67030 Corded Deskset, which is an IP Phone. The phone also has a DECT 6.0 Transmitter in it. This allows the phone to support a cordless accessory handset and/or a cordless headset. The phone also has the typical functions you would expect, namely Speakerphone, Hold, Do Not Disturb, 3 Party Conference, Mute, and On Hook Dialing. There are also some unexpected surprises, like 100 Name/number phonebook, backlit keypad, backlit display, contextual softkeys and a jog dial for navigation. What’s nice is that all the specialties, like auto attendant, voicemail boxes and software, are internal to the phones themselves. The gateway more or less supplies a route for everything to connect.

         Then there are the Synapse Cordless Accessories.  AT&T Offers two cordless devices that can be paired with any single phone:  the SB67040 Accessory Handset (cordless phone) and the TL7600 Wireless Headset. Either of the devices once paired with a phone become a “twin” of that phone.  The phone system will allow for up to 5 of each, system wide.  

         Overall the AT&T Synapse has proved very promising.  Its price point is set just about right with the gateway costing around $200 and the phones at $280 or so and the accessories under $100.  Quite attractive considering you don’t have to buy an expensive voicemail system or go through any pricey installation.

         Installation is really a snap.  You simply plug everything in and the phones all come right up. Once the system is on your network, you can make all programming changes through a web browser; similar to how you access your firewalls and what not.

    AT&T PBX Phone DealersAT&T provides office phone systems and a helpful service to small businesses seeking to start slowly and build as necessary through the SynJ®Cordless business phone system by suggesting equipment bundles to potential buyers. For instance, the SynJ 4-line corded/cordless system (SB67138) which supports 4 lines and up to 11 users. The features include multiple handset and deskset mobility with built-in DECT 6.0. It has auto attendant on each line, push-to-talk intercom between handsets, cordless desksets and base station.

         They also package two starter bundles.  One with two base stations which supports 4 lines and 3 users and expands up to 11 users, and the other which supports 4 lines and 5 users and expands up to 11 users.  Several business bundles are configured with a variety of combinations of AT&T equipment pieces, including base stations, cordless desk sets, and simple hand sets.  Customization and flexibility are the key features of the AT&T equipment packages which illustrate how AT&T has the variety of equipment to service the multiple needs of uniquely different business operations.  And no matter which bundle is selected, all the pieces can be seamlessly and simply integrated without sacrificing quality. 

         The AT&T brand still provides the assurance that quality equipment, ease of use, and system compatibility combine with modern advancements in technology to provide small and medium businesses with phone systems of the highest efficiency and productivity.

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