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    Nextiva Office Phone System

    Nextiva Business PhonesWinning awards has become a habit for an unlikely newcomer to the field of IP telephone systems. For a Scottsdale, Arizona based company that was formed in 2006 and launched in 2008, Nextiva quickly has become one of the leading providers of VoIP phone service to small and medium-size businesses. Nextiva is one of the country’s leading providers of cloud-based, VoIP business communication services. Nextiva has won more than 30 Independent Technology & Telephony Awards, including the “Product of the Year Award” by Internet Telephony magazine for four years running. Nextiva delivers “Fortune 500” phone service at start-up prices and serves thousands of small-to-midsize companies across the United States.

    Nextiva Business Phone SystemsAccording to the company’s executives, recent advances in VoIP technology have been nothing short of revolutionary in the field of voice communications, and companies as large as AT&T have adopted VoIP services into their large networks to eventually go wireless. They said Nextiva has been a leader in that revolution, generating multi-million-dollar annual revenue, amassing thousands of customers worldwide and creating scores of new jobs in the Phoenix area. With VoIP, voice, fax and text messages are delivered over the Internet, rather than via the traditional, public-switched telephone network. Nextiva spokespersons indicate that VoIP offers businesses a number of advantages, the most prominent of which is lower cost as well as access to a vast Office Phone Dealer network.

         On average, VoIP service costs 50 to 70 percent less than traditional phone service. There is no extra charge for long-distance or international calls, and calls can be made from or received at any location where VoIP customers bring their Internet-connected phones  or devices.  Nextel’s ground floor entry into the VoIP competition as the field was transitioning from traditional PBX technology to a Cloud-based Internet protocol propelled it to a leadership role both due to management’s “can-do” philosophy and its engineering creativity and know-how. Nextiva has grown dramatically in recent years from just a handful of engineers to a staff of about 165, including an in-house, customer-service call center.

    Nextiva Business Phone DealersWhen searching for the best VoIP service for a business there are a number of things to consider including cost, quality, reliability, and customer service. In its short life, Nextiva has grown to serve more than a million small businesses worldwide. Nextiva offers four main business VoIP services: VoIP phone systems, hosted call centers, PBX SIP trunks, and electronic vFAX. These services can be stand alone or bundled to meet the needs of each individual business.

          As a leading communication service provider, Nextiva strives to be the first call for small and medium businesses looking for office communication services. Operating in highly competitive markets, which often require travel, business owners and leaders need to be able to focus on their core competencies, increase productivity and run their businesses effectively. They need to do so without worrying about their phone service – no matter where their business takes them.

         To illustrate Nextiva’s hosted VoIP plans that deliver next-generation business phone systems that can save up to 65% over traditional phone costs, we can list some of the features of the Nextiva Pro and Enterprise phones.   They offer unlimited calling and faxing which include local and toll-free numbers.  Customers can keep their existing phone numbers and there are no setup fees nor contracts required. 

         Each system consists of over 100 business-ready features and is provided with U.S. Based technical support.  Here is an overview of the business VoIp features: advanced call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, auto attendant, busy lamp field, call me now, call parking, call return, call waiting, caller ID, dial-by-name directory, directed call pickup, do not disturb, group paging, hoteling guest, hunt group, line mirroring, music on hold, NextOS portal, privacy business, push to talk, selective call acceptance, selective call rejection, shared call appearance, three-way calling, voicemail to email messaging, custom ringback, hoteling host, Nextiva Anywhere, Nextiva Toolbar, pre-alerting announcement and remote office.

    Nextiva Office Phone DealersIn addition to the individual phone units, Nextiva also offers Hosted Call Center solutions that are delivered on a single, hosted platform that supports all business environments, whether the business is planning to expand, or already has an inbound, outbound or combined call center in place. These solutions include flexibility to fit all size businesses, advanced routing options, comprehensive reporting capabilities, zero setup fees without contracts and dozens of cutting edge features much like those listed earlier for the Nextiva Pro and Enterprise phones.

         In summary, Nextiva’s NextOS unified communications technology is a revolutionary hosted business telephone system that allows you to conduct your business from anywhere. The technology platform is a global, state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure that supports 16 of the largest 25 global telecom companies and delivers the most flexible feature set any business could need – from small firms to large call center environments. In addition, it is powered by the world’s leading VoIP communications technology, 150 expert telecom engineers and adoption by 5 million businesses and 20 million consumers globally. Nextiva is equipped with the right plan to support any company’s business growth as the central connection for their business communications.

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