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    Polycom VoIP Phones

      Polycom Business Phone SystemsIn the spirit of West Coast USA technological breakthroughs, Polycom was founded by two enterprising young men in a San Francisco basement in 1990.  The two were among the founding team of PictureTel, the first company to make videoconferencing truly practical.   By 1992 they had produced the very first Polycom SoundStation conference phone, recognized for its distinctive modernistic triangular shape and unparalleled audio quality. Within five years the 50,000th Polycom SoundStation conference phone was presented to the city of San Jose, and the rest is history.

         In a little over twenty years, Polycom has grown to become a global leader in collaboration solutions serving industries and enterprises of all shapes and sizes and serves customers with an impressive nationwide network of Business Phone Dealers. Companies choose Polycom for solutions that enable their geographically dispersed workforces to communicate and collaborate more effectively and productively over distances. Using Polycom telepresence, video, VoIP phones and voice solutions and services – people connect and collaborate from their desktops, meeting rooms, class rooms, and mobile settings.

    Polycom PBX SystemsPolycom products deliver fast, proven return on investment and a consistently superior end-user experience. As a global leader in telepresence, video and voice solutions, Polycom is a visionary in communications that empower people to connect and collaborate everywhere.

         Polycom offers three classes of equipment that set it off from the competition.  First is the Polycom WX 1500 Business Media Phone.  This is the first business media phone combining advanced IP telephony, one-touch video, and business applications into a seamless, life-like experience. The Polycom WX 1500 unifies voice, video and applications capabilities into a simple-to-use business media phone. With its unique touch screen interface, the WX 1500 makes video calls as simple as using a phone. Its large display and ease of use make the WX 1500  an ideal all-in-one productivity tool for today’s busy executives and professionals, whether they are in office, retail, professional services, or healthcare environments.

         The system includes a feature-rich Polycom SoundPoint IP phone with six lines, Polycom HD Voice, a Gigabit Ethernet switch that supports Power over Ethernet and a host of rich telephony functions, accessible via the buttons on the front of the phone or by simply touching the large color display.  The phone has multiple adjustable elements.  Business information is accessible at a glance, including unified communications, customer relationship management and appointment management systems.  The Polycom WX 1500 comes bundled with several applications, including the Polycom Productivity Suite and other exlusive Polycom web services.

    Polycom Office Phones For SaleA second Polycom equipment system is the Polycom WX 1500 D, consisting of a dual stack business media phone, combining one-touch video calling, integrated business application, and advanced IP telephony in a flexible, future-proof Unified Communications solution. The phone, with its unique touch screen interface, makes video calls as simple as using a desktop phone. It is an ideal productivity tool for professionals, no matter what their business environment. The WX 1500 D comes with a Web service called Polycom My Info Portal, through which customers can select to receive personalized Web content, such as stock prices, weather, and news. Its feature-rich phone has all of the features of the one described above for the WX 1500.

         Polycom’s third equipment system is the Polycom WX 600, a premium business media phone delivering the best-in-class productivity for busy corporate executives and managers.   It is designed to enhance collaboration and personal productivity.  Founded on the behavior common to smartphones and tablets, the intuitive gesture-based, multi-touch user interface of the Polycom WX 600 phone makes navigation easy and requires minimal training. All of the features of the previously described systems are included, with added features that fill the special needs of executives and high level managers.

    Polycom Business PBX SolutionsThe Polycom WX 600 improves personal productivity by complementing the workplace applications on their computer. Users can view and manage their Microsoft Exchange Calendars, receive meeting reminders and alerts, access the corporate directory and Instant Messaging/presence status right on their phone display, even while waiting for their PC to boot. They can also extend their PC’s desktop to include the Polycom WX 600 phone’s screen for mouse/keyboard navigation and interaction.

         The Polycom WX 600 phone provides personalized information at a glance, through built-in web applications and a digital photo frame. Polycom WX 600 users access streaming content using the included video playback feature. The Polycom WX 600 phone comes ready for future expansion modules and applications such as video conferencing with the Polycom WX camera. The optional Polycom WX camera installs in seconds and enables the Polycom WX 600 to connect into video conferences directly from the user’s desk, without requiring a costly, dedicated video conference room.

         Polycom has used the past 20 years well since its humble beginnings in a San Francisco basement.  Polycom’s unified communications products offer premium-quality desktop voice and video solutions that are designed for organizations and businesses of all sizes and budgets.  The company has produced intuitive, expandable, business-class phones that are designed for the multitasking needs and shifting schedules of busy managers and knowledge workers. Polycom delivers tools that generate quick payback by empowering each employee to the extent that travel expenses are lowered at a lifelong cost equal to only one business trip.  Best of all, a Polycom Phone System is instantly ready for integration into a wide range of unified communications environments. The futuristic design of Polycom’s 1992 SoundStation phone appears have been a visionary predictor of the company’s ongoing and, most likely, future radical innovations in the office communications industry.

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