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    Cisco Business Phones

    CISCO: The Internet of Everything, Including Unified Communications and Small Business Phone Systems

    Cisco Phone SystemsIn its short 30-year lifetime, Cisco (the name of the company is derived from the last five letters of San Francisco) has re-invented itself a few times. It started in 1984 when a couple of members of the Sanford University computer support staff and Business School staff did some entrepreneurial moonlighting , exercising their skills for their own personal benefit outside their normal work day. Eventually their enterprising ways forced them out of the academic world of Sanford and by March of 2000, Cisco became the most valuable company in the world. Today, in addition to being the self-proclaimed “internet of everything,” they are advertising that “TOMORROW starts here” and their foray into the IP business phone system competition makes them one of the more respected and top providers of unified communications solutions for small and moderate businesses.

    cisco pbx phone dealersIn a tough economy, communication is more important than ever for small businesses. Customers are demanding, and must be engaged with fast, personalized service in order to stay ahead of competitors. Employees are becoming more mobile, and they need to keep in touch with colleagues, customers, and business partners inside and outside the office. And budgets are tight, so keeping costs under control is always a priority. To meet these challenges, Cisco provides a complete communications solution that is designed and priced specifically for small businesses. The Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series was designed to enable employees to easily and affordably stay connected with the people and resources they need each day—anytime, everywhere.

         The Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series delivers everything  needed  for business-class networking and voice communications across an entire company, providing the advantage of IP telephony to reduce phone costs, boost employee productivity, and create a more collaborative company. It includes built-in data and wireless support, plus advanced phone features such as voicemail and automated attendant. The Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series enables a company to replace its PBX or key system with a single, all-in-one network solution. Part of the Cisco Small Business product family, it is easy to set up and manage, yet flexible enough to grow and change along with a business, in the spirit of Cisco’s “tomorrow starts here” promise and philosophy.

    Cisco Business Phone DealersThe Cisco solution makes it easy for employees to reach the people they need fast, using powerful phone features that were once reserved for large corporations. Transfer a call, use speed dial to contact a customer, or set up a quick conference by pressing a few keys. Sophisticated voicemail with email notification and an automated attendant help ensure that you never miss an important call from a client or business partner.

         The Cisco 300 Series minimizes phone expenses, saving  money on long distance by using the Internet to make phone calls. With the Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series, you can place and receive calls with cost-effective Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks.

         Because every business is unique, and the flexible Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series can work uniquely, the way a small business was designed,  including working in small office spaces, it can be installed as a desktop unit or mounted on a wall.  Communication will be improved across an entire business, building a more agile, collaborative company, with employees able to make decisions faster,  encouraging innovation and creativity, and connecting callers with the person they need right away.  There’s no compromise on voice quality or features to enjoy the benefits of the system.

    Cisco Business Phone SystemsSome of the features of the IP-based telephony supporting Cisco SPA300 and SPA500 Series IP Phones include licenses for up to 24 phones (maximum 9 analog phones/fax), SIP trunking support for clear, high-quality voice services, Interoperable with up to 12 public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines, voicemail and auto attendant, voice to email notification, flexible wireless networking , easy setup and management, and simple-to-use web-based configuration utility for easy deployment.

         Small business phone systems from Cisco PBX Dealers allow you to collaborate in real time using many applications within a single easy-to-use interface. The result is a communications solution that is more cost-effective and far more powerful than a traditional phone system.  Small business phone systems from Cisco allow employees, business partners, and customers to conduct business using combinations of video, voice, data, and mobility applications.

         Cisco small business phone systems can be as feature-rich as you need them to be, thanks to the options available through Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. Some options include: Paging, Intercom, Voicemail, and Automated attendant.  Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones help employees become more mobile. Small business phones, when combined with data networks and computers, are no longer limited to voice. Today’s Internet Protocol (IP)-based phone systems let you combine voice, Web conferencing, unified communications and video into valuable collaboration tools. Employees can communicate over long distances in more meaningful ways, which speeds decision making, among other benefits.

         Today’s small business phones aren’t bound to a desk, and neither are employees. They’re out on sales calls, at the airport, at home, working out of hotel rooms. All the while, they need to stay in touch. Workers can consolidate all incoming business calls to mobile, home office, or other phones with a single phone number and immediately receive calls wherever they’re working.

           Affordable, reliable and easy-to-use, Cisco SPA300 Series IP Phones are ideal for small businesses and home offices. These basic Internet phones are easy to use, providing the benefits of IP telephony while keeping costs low. They offer affordability, adaptability as technology changes, connectivity directly to an Internet phone service provider, IP PBX system, or large-scale IP Centrex deployment, and many other features.

        Cisco’s 30-year history and reputation in IP technology give it an edge with the competition for Small to Medium Office Phone Systems. Cisco Small Business IP Phones are designed for today’s needs and to scale with your business as it grows in the future.

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