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    Panasonic PBX Phones


    Panasonic Business PhonesWhen Panasonic entered the cloud-based communications market in 2011, it was already a leader in Business Phone Systems. Panasonic was not slow to expand its services to customers by meeting changing market needs by pairing its highly regarded business phones with equally reliable Cloud-based voice services. Panasonic’s small business customers were seeking a simple, easy to manage and feature-rich, customizable business phone systems and Panasonic responded with an appropriate leading-edge solution creating a top-of-its-class Cloud-based hosted-voice solution to help small businesses maximize their potential. Panasonic, with its history of providing hardware solutions for small businesses,responded by using its expertise to provide convenient and cost-effective services to fit small business needs.

    Panasonic Business PhonesThe Panasonic Cloud Business Phone System was designed specifically to meet the communications needs of owners and operators of the nation’s 5.5 million small businesses. Using Cloud-based voice services provides small businesses with increased benefits such as, intuitive web-based installation and the ability to enable a variety of features, or activate additional lines by simply going online, instead of relying on tech support to help. This reliable and easy-to-use phone system does not require complicated IT setup or support and was the first product of its kind to be available online and at convenient retail locations where small business owners frequently shop.

         Once Panasonic was firmly established in the Small to Medium Business Phone System IP (Internet Platform) supply line, there was no stopping the company from lurching forward and challenging its competition with innovative equipment, service and customer business solutions.  Soon, Panasonic’s leading position was firmly solidified in the business telephone industry, a position it continues to hold today.  Panasonic continues to focus its efforts on offering small to mid-sized businesses the dependable, cost-effective and flexible communication solutions which they desire  and its market leadership shows that small businesses recognize the value that Panasonic brings to their operations as they strive to be the best fit for their special business needs. Using a combination of advanced telephony products coupled with IP-enabled applications, Panasonic is able to provide customizable and scalable solutions that allow colleagues, clients and stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and create…even when they’re not face to face.

    Panasonic PBX DealersPanasonic offers state-of-the-art telephony systems, full suites of digital and analog phones, IP Conference Speaker Phones, in-building DECT wireless handsets, and IP network cameras. Their systems support a range of partner-provided applications for the hospitality and retail markets, as well as SIP trunking services for considerable cost savings.

        Panasonic also provides networking capabilities for seamless integration of remote employees and locations by providing easy access to the client’s central hub, and by allowing incoming calls to employee desk phones to automatically ring on their cell phone.

         To summarize, Panasonic Small to Mid-sized Phone Systems are designed to seamlessly provide solutions that meet the needs of the changing business environment.  Their phone systems easily configure from 8 to over 1000 extensions; they have the ability to seamlessly expand and migrate to existing networks; reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks; centralize feature access for multiple locations; support mobile workforce with wireless connectivity and are compatible with many Panasonic and 3rd Party applications.  Panasonic VoIP Phone Systems simplify the management of communication between multiple locations or remote employees with a system that delivers value now… and flexibility for the future.

    Panasonic PBX Business PhonesAnother advantage of selecting a Panasonic Office Phone System is equipment choice. There are fifteen different models of Panasonic IP phones from which to choose. Panasonic IP Phones integrate remote employees and locations without sacrificing the feature-rich capabilities of their Panasonic Communications System. With Panasonic IP telephony you don’t need a phone jack. You can move your office phones to any location you want simply by plugging into another data port.

         Panasonic promotional literature touts its advantages by using terms such as flexibility, mobility, expandability, and cost effectiveness.  Customer feedback also indicates that despite all of these features, they are getting better reception than before because of the quality of the equipment.  Small businesses who want a simple, easy to manage and feature-rich, customizable business phone system are advised to explore the possibilities of a Panasonic Business Phone System, a proven leader in the field.

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