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    Avaya IP Office Phones

    Avaya IP Office Phone System Offers Panoply of Services, Products and Platforms to Fit Almost any Need.

    Avaya Business Phone SystemsWant to see a small business act and operate like a large-size enterprise overnight? Just give them an Avaya Office Phone System and watch them dazzle the competition with their efficiency, customer satisfaction and professional veneer. Witness the transformation in their workforce as they appear to have graduated from a finishing school in phone etiquette, and respond to your needs with the polish of a seasoned professional. Small to medium companies that adopt an Avaya Office Phone System marvel at the status change their company assumes at minimal expense and without the burden of extensive physical reconstruction and technical overhaul to install the new system.

         Built from the ground up specifically for small and medium-size businesses, the Avaya IP Office phone system delivers the communications capabilities big businesses are used to — with the elegant simplicity and ease of use small businesses consider a must.  This best of both worlds helps growing businesses differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced employee productivity, lower costs and improved customer service.  The functionality of Avaya office phones adds to the quality of the system.

    Avaya Phone DealersAvaya PBX Phones offers three distinct Office Editions which are tailored to the customer’s distinct business needs. The company has simplified the confusion over what system is best for you by creating an Essential, Preferred or Advanced Edition from which you can choose the right Avaya IP Business System to get just the right combination of capabilities for your business. Avaya commercial phones are state of the art and a part of every system.

         Customers keep costs down and still get the key communications capabilities with the Essential Edition. Gain ten times the voice messaging capacity of the Essential Edition and handle dozens of calls simultaneously with the Preferred Edition. Maximize productivity and efficiencies in customer service with the Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition.

         Because of the expertise in matching equipment and service with a company profile, and the technical innovations of their routing of calls through the system and over broadband links, an Avaya system lowers mobile phone and long distance bills.  Avaya IP Office makes conferencing affordable and practical by providing two built-in, 64-party conference bridges.

    Avaya PBX Phone SystemsCompany employees are no more alike in their individual communication tool needs than they are in individual personalities. With the Preferred or Advanced Edition of Avaya IP Office, you can give your individual employees the communications tools they need to perform at their best. Users control office communications using an Avaya IP phone, cell phone or laptop. Users receive all their messages — voice, email and fax — in a single inbox and are automatically notified of important messages. Set up conference calls on the fly and have calls ring simultaneously on both mobile and desk phones. Likewise, any mobile phone can operate as an extension of your Avaya IP Office phone system — complete with call handling features and speed dials.

         The system also gives employees who work remotely full-time the same phone and functionality they’d have in the office. Users connect their phones to the company’s phone system via a virtual private network. And because it all goes through the Avaya IP Office phone system, you can hire talent from anywhere and save money.  These are only a few examples of Avaya’s expandability and adaptability.  They also have specialized solutions for the fields of Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Financial Services and State and Local Government.

         Avaya offers a communication platform supporting communications and contact center solutions.  It includes Communication Manger, Session Manager, session border controller, messaging platform, application enablement services, presence services, system manager, etc.   An “on premises” system (as distinguished from a “hosted” system, an Avaya Office phone system offers a variety of unified communications features, such as  access to voice mail, email, fax messages via same interface; access to messages via phones & PCs using various interfaces including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes; Mobile integration thru mobile version of one-X software, Video conferencing via Avaya Flare for tablets, One-X integrated soft phone for PCs with Avaya handsets connected.

    Avaya’s niche in the marketplace is best summarized by some of its own literature: “For small and midsize businesses—a five-person start-up, a still-growing 250-employee company, a midsize enterprise with 1,000 people in multiple locations—Avaya solutions offer the right communications and collaboration capabilities to fit needs, budget, and available resources.”

         From basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications and contact center capabilities, Avaya solutions offer growing businesses flexibility, mobility, and cost-effective scalability. Avaya users collaborate in real-time, more effectively, via virtually any device. They connect anytime, anywhere with associates, customers and partners—in the office, at home, or en route.   Avaya Office Phone Systems work and work well because the Avaya company has designed its products and services with the small to midsize business specifically in mind.

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