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    Virtual Office Phone System

    Virtual Business Phone ServicesPhone.com is a 21st Century, cloud-based phone company focused on the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition to offering a variety of innovative, customizable and cost-effective communications solutions, Phone.com also has an enviable reputation for delivering unmatched customer support to more than 25,000 customers across the United States.  As evidence of Phone.com’s meteoric rise to peer recognition and industry leadership in the field of communications telephony, in August, 2013, for the third year in a row, Phone.com, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the 500 / 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. The list represents the most comprehensive look at America’s independent entrepreneurs, who are widely acclaimed to be the U.S. economy’s most important segment.  Phone.com placed No. 1296 on the full list of 5000 companies, at No. 30 on the telecommunications list and No. 39 among New Jersey companies ranked by Inc. “Being named to Inc.’s Fastest Growing list for the third year in a row is proof that our company’s dedication to customer service and quality products and services is paying off,” said CEO Ari Rabban. “Given this momentum, we look forward to continued growth and more innovation to come.”  Interestingly, Rabban himself was recently named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013 Award in the New Jersey region.  The award recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities.

    Virtual Business Phones

         Phone.com ventured into the world of Web real-time communication as a cost effective alternative to the traditional PBX premise based, hard wired systems.  In a very short time, the innovative system  went beyond the alternative to becoming the replacement.  Today, five of the top small to medium office phone communications systems, among them, Phone.com, have become the chief providers of web real time communications systems, also known as Virtual Phone Systems.

         The secret to the growth and popularity of these virtual phone systems was their ability to deliver advanced services on all types of communications devices – from mobile units, standard phones, notepad devices and PCs.  Phone.com isn’t in the electronic device business, but recommends units for your Phone.com system.  They recommend starting with a pre-configured device from a list of their service providers, among them, Polycom, Panasonic, Grandstream and Cisco – each pre-configured and fully supported by Phone.com’s 24/7 customer support team. Phone.com also offers an adapter to connect existing analog devices such as home phones, cordless phones and fax machines to use them with Phone.com service.

         Phone.com also works well with mobile phones.  By using your Phone.com number you can place calls, through Voicemail Administration. Your mobile phone easily connects to your Phone.com number and all its calling features. The Phone.com Mobile Office app provides you and all company employees with a reliable and convenient mobile extension.

         Through Communicator Softphone, Phone.com permits you to use your computer as a phone. Phone.com Communicator is a next generation softphone application that enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently – all from your computer desktop. You are able to use your computer as an extension in your Phone.com account, accessing your inbox, address book and call logs. You can place and receive calls like a regular phone, but do it all from your computer! It goes with you wherever you bring your laptop. Another benefit of Phone.com is that it enables you to login anywhere with internet access and a browser to manage your account and features.

         With Phone.com, you can send calls to any number or phone. All incoming calls are automatically routed based on your customized settings in your account control panel. Calls can be routed to your phones based on the day, time or even the Caller ID of the incoming call.

         Phone.com does not limit you to just phones.  You can send calls to voicemail, create your own custom greetings and audio messages, create menus from which users can make choices, send and receive on your desktop just by using Phone.com’s call routing feature.

         The Phone.com system is relatively simple to install, customize and operate.  The customer can make it exactly what they want from a menu of 40 advanced calling features.  Among the included features in a basic system are toll free numbers, local numbers, global numbers, extensions and voicemails, IP phones and devices (choices among Polycom, Cisco and Panasonic), custom greetings & hold music, conference calls, caller menus and queues, fax (send and receive), and finally, the standard calling features you would expect, such as forwarding, blocking and screening.

         Phone.com also offers several premium features.  Among them are caller analytics (division of incoming caller information into data categories), voicemail transcription, premium hold music (choose from 5 premium channels), call recording, and others.

         Phone.com is the simplest way to set up a flexible, low-cost, virtual office phone service that keeps your team connected wherever your work takes you. Its low-cost pricing system is up-front and simple to understand.  As an award winning, forward thinking, cloud based phone system created for entrepreneurs and small businesses, Phone.com is more than just an alternative to standard systems – it is a very viable replacement for them.

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